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The Mustard Tree Trust fulfils a major role in linking schools, churches and local communities in Northumberland. They offer a range of activities for young people from drop-ins, youth clubs and school assemblies.

This exciting and demanding work  maintains a valuable presence in the life of the community and is recognised as such by church leaders and senior educationalists thoughout the area.

We as a church have supported MTT for a number of years, as MTT was originally founded by New Life Morpeth, and has since gone on to grow into what it is today - a regional resource for children and young people working across all church denominations.

Numerically PTL India is the largest of all the PTL teams worldwide. Under the leadership of PC a team of over 240 are involved in evangelism and church planting.

Team members are prepared for ministry through theological and practical training offered by their own Institute of Mission Studies. A ladies Prayer Ministry team that meets daily to pray not only for their work in India but all of the League family around the world and their supporters.

We as church support one full time worker, who is pioneering a new church plant in northern India. One of our leaders has been several times to visit the work of PTL India and seen first hand the marvellous work they are doing in India. 

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship works through its volunteer members to support prisoners in a number of ways. This includes Sunday services, midweek Bible studies and support to Chaplains. 

Our church is committed to supporting the Prison Fellowship team in Northumberland.

We hold a monthly prayer meeting at our church to pray for all inmates and their families, the staff of the prison's, the prison chaplain's, government and for lives of all to be transformed.